Review of Focus Video: Focus on our capabilities and not our disabilities.

REVIEW on Focus Video

Focus on our capabilities and not our disabilities. We are not handicapped, but handi-capable!

Length of video: 29 minutes

created 2012

Focus is a relatively short video that expresses the feelings of most Special Needs People right from the title and subtitle. Directors Harold Sistrunk, Jr. and Judy Redlich are Special Needs People themselves so the interviews of other Special Needs People in this video take on a whole new sincerity as compared to something else that was done by a person or persons that are not disabled.

I was thoroughly happy to see all of the people in the video were in some kind of Special Needs situation rather than actors. Each and every person in this video displayed a level of courage and good old-fashioned stick-to-it attitudes. They factually show what can be done with a life even under extremely trying medical difficulties.

This should be required viewing for every young person in high school or college. My son, who is a victim of Spinal Muscular Atrophy was basically awe-struck by the accomplishments of these people. How absolutely inspiring, start to finish. I really feel that this is necessary viewing for every Special Needs Person.

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