Society Recognizes People with Disabilities!

Society Finally Sees People with Disabilities!










As we take a quick peek into the world of the disabled and the issues they face you will see that I have provided many useful links to various assistance programs. I have links to  sources of necessary equipment, training, and educational sources to help them improve their quality of life.

Please note that my primary focus here is to help people with disabilities, our “Special Needs People” to get the services and programs they help need to break out of their circumstances and to become all that they were meant to be. Not charity, just a hand up!

As you read through this please take a look at these links to the world that are here. The Solutions are well on their way. This is intended to help make the various resources known to everyone who needs them.

Shout It Out







The Disability Rights Movement, that once silent group of people are getting more focused and noisy every day. We not only have the people with disabilities who have genetic disorders like Little David, but also folks who have had some kind of debilitating accident, illness, or have been wounded in service to this country. Wounded U.S. Veterans are unfortunately gaining more members daily. 

There are Disability Grants for all kinds of needs . No longer are the disabled left to fight for their rights all on their own. 

Our Wounded Veterans







One group of people that is growing daily is the group of heroes we know as wounded warriors, the Purple Heart Recipients.  These young men and women have voluntarily given so much for our country. We must never forget the high price of freedom!

The Cost for Many is Dramatic





Even with great amputee services for our   wounded warriors, many of these young people over the last few years have been ignored by society. Fortunately the Amputee Services of the Veteran’s Administration is second to none with  superior medical services and state of the art prosthetics.

Depression & PTSD Treatment






It is shocking to hear that there are so many wounded who are overwhelmed with things like Depression or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  because of extended exposure to the horrors of war. Even more distressing is  that they are killing themselves in droves every day just to escape the pain and mental anguish.


Operation Song

He Took My Place” by Gary Lima

This #OperationSong spotlight is on “He Took My Place” by Veteran Gary Lima who served in the Marine Corps as a staff sergeant and the Army as a major. Gary served during the Cyprus Conflict in 1974 as part of a Marine helicopter unit and later had a full career in the Army, from which he retired at the rank of major.

This was published by the Veterans Administration. I hope it touches your heart as it did mine. Click the image above to hear the song.

All Gave Some, Some Gave All






It is my feeling that we all need to care for them in the same way that they so willingly sacrificed for us.

I think all disabled people, no matter what the reason is for their disability, should be made aware of the multitude of excellent programs offered by the U.S. Government. Their needs go far beyond what we ever imagined. Fortunately there are many benefit programs designed especially for them.

Financial Aid and Grants







Programs to provide the disabled with a huge array of financial benefits and services are now available. There are now grants for everything from college funds to starting a new business. There are job programs and social programs. Some programs provide homes or home loans for the disabled. Why there are even debt relief programs available.

Specialized Equipment

There are many benefits to cover all of the specialized equipment that would otherwise be out of financial reach for the majority of disabled people through numerous grants. The government is not the only source of grants and aid. We now have ever ever growing number of private institutions, all helping to make the impossible possible.






Why even a meager power wheelchair can easily cost thousands these days. The same goes for a vast array of other specialized equipment to help families to carry on with hope and dignity.

This is the chair that Little David has and it cost around $15,000. Every feature is carefully chosen to best help the person and then custom built from the ground up to perfectly fit each individual.

This is a list of some of the more popular sports the disabled are gravitating to: Rugby, motocross, basketball, tennis, softball, speed sailing, snow sports, and wheelchair racing. More are becoming popular every day.

Very specialized fitness and sports services and available for people with disabilities. 

There are also many programs especially for veterans with disabilities.

No More Dark Ages






No more dark ages for any of these people. They have become energized and uplifted by all of the goodwill along with their new found freedom and mobility. Some of the finest technological aids are now available and a multitude of grant programs for those who choose this path.

Training Is The Solution, the Next Step To Independence

No, it’s not enough. I am sure that not a single disabled person would rather have all of these benefits than to be whole and healthy. Still, we, through government programs and civilian organizations are trying harder every day to help them get through this life. A life that most of us cannot even imagine. 

People with disabilities have won many rights and they are a Fierce Army to face. They will not accept anything less than success along with the freedom and independence it brings.

Now to make use of all of this, training, jobs, more education, and understanding is what they need now. This, I feel, is the final hurdle for most folks with disabilities. The step forward to blending invisibly as far into our worldwide societies as is possible.

More Details to Come

I have just touched ever so lightly on what the government provides for these unfortunate people who do not want our pity, just an equal chance. Once again I want to point out that the government is not the only source of help for the disabled. More and more companies, churches, and private organizations are giving aid and even providing jobs and educational opportunities for the disabled.

We will do our best to bring you up-to-date information about new benefits made available. For a Wealth of Information on people with disabilities, visit Accessibility at the Library of Congress

If you have information you would like to get out please leave a comment below.

If you are disabled and having difficulty finding work suitable to your skill sets take a look here. You might be surprised to be able to start for free and at what you can earn from home.

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I am a retired Senior Development Engineer for Hughes Aircraft Company. I retired from Hughes In 1997 and moved to Phoenix with my young daughter to be with my two older sons attending Arizona State University. I am a former member of the U.S. Air Force where I was an active member of the 95th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.
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